Grand-Prix d'Isbergues  A new victory for  Valentine Fortin!

Grand-Prix d'Isbergues A new victory for Valentine Fortin!

Mathilde L'Azou

Published on : 09/17/2023

Already victorious at À travers les Hauts de France last weekend, the sprinter was once again victorious at the GP d'Isbergues this Sunday lunchtime. It was her 4th win of the season, and a further demonstration of the current dynamism of the Cofidis women's team.

It was an explosion of infectious joy and an emotional moment. This Sunday lunchtime, at the finish line of the Grand Prix International d'Isbergues - Pas de Calais for women, a young woman had time to stand up on her bike, clench her fists and flash a broad smile. Valentine Fortin had just crossed the line in the lead, ahead of the four runners accompanying her. A short distance away, Victoire Berteau, wearing her blue-white-red jersey, was also raising her arms.

Already her 4th victory of the season! 

For the Cofidis team, it was the best possible scenario and a fitting reward. After all, Valentine Fortin was in both of the day's breakaways: the large one at the start, which was caught, and the six-rider breakaway that went all the way. This 2nd breakaway also included Victoire Berteau. Victoire and Valentine played their cards right in the final stretch, overcoming their rivals to score a fine victory.

Valentine Fortin was impressive, and for good reason: this was her 4th victory of the season. She had already shone on two occasions on the Bretagne Ladies Tour before winning last weekend at À travers les hauts de France. For her, these victories show that the team "has grown a lot this season". And that we can continue to count on them every time they take part in a race.


Valentine Fortin: "I'm super happy, there's no other feeling. It's so great to raise my arms, especially for the 4th time this season! At the start, there was a big breakaway that was caught. The real breakaway came at km 93, and we came out with six girls, including Victoire and myself. In the final stretch, I told her that if she had the chance, she should go for it. She gave it a go, and then I did too... Our performances show that we have a strong team and that we've grown a lot this season. It augurs very well for the future.