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Published on : 03/11/2022

Nouveau fournisseur officiel du Tour de France, la marque de mode masculine habillera les coureurs et le staff de l’équipe UCI World Tour Cofidis cette saison. L’occasion de faire la part belle à des valeurs communes en matière de mobilité douce et de développement durable.

Throughout the season, as soon as the races are over, the riders and staff of the Cofidis team will wear elegant and comfortable Jules shirts and jackets. A partnership that makes sense given the shared aspirations of the French brand and the UCI World Tour team. 

In the wheel of the Tour de France

As the leading men's fashion brand in France, Jules has established itself as a benchmark for everyday clothing, both in terms of design and eco-responsibility. Its 'In Progress' collection is made from organic and eco-designed materials. They are aimed at a male clientele on the move and therefore adept at surpassing themselves, just like the Cofidis runners demonstrate at each competition. 

This new partnership also highlights Jules' involvement in cycling. The brand has joined forces with Amaury Sport Organisation to become the official supplier of the Tour de France for the next four editions. 


Benoit LATRON, Marketing Director at Jules: "We are very happy and proud to associate Jules for the first time in its history with the values of sport in general and cycling in particular. We are very attached to our regional roots, and while our commitment as suppliers to ASO had been confirmed, it seemed essential to us to create special links with the Cofidis team, one of the best teams in the world, located just a few pedal strokes away from our headquarters in Roubaix. It is therefore with great pleasure that we dress the Cofidis team 'à la ville' and that we will follow their exploits with passion.

Cédric VASSEUR, general manager of Cofidis: "We are very happy to see the staff and our riders wearing the colours of the Jules brand. The team is delighted to be associated with a brand whose values we share and whose territorial proximity to the Hauts-de-France region. It is very rewarding and exciting to contribute at our level to the development of products intended for people who regularly travel by bike. Having the confidence of a brand like Jules, which promotes elegance and is involved in cycling, is a great source of pride for us.