Cofidis extends its commitment to cycling until 2025

Published on : 04/08/2021
Cofidis Group, through Thierry Vittu, Human Resources Director, member of the Executive Committee and President of Cofidis Compétition, is proud to announce that its commitment to sport will continue for the next four seasons. True to its desire to embody its values of diversity and inclusion within the company, Cofidis Group is also extending its support for the disabled sports team and is preparing to set up a women's team which will start next year.


- Cofidis Group's commitment, which ran until the end of the 2022 season, is extended until 2025

- The Cofidis Group Executive Committee has committed to increasing the UCI World Tour team's budget by €1.5 million per year

- The support for the disabled sports team, created in 1999, is continuing and will continue in the long term

- The women's team will start next season in the Continental (2nd division) and will benefit from a budget of one million euros per year



Twenty-five years of passion, surpassing oneself, solidarity and self-sacrifice. Since 1996, the Cofidis team has established itself as a key player in world cycling.

Each rider and each member of the team's staff is committed to being faithful to the values of the Cofidis Group in order to be its ambassadors in every competition and beyond. "Fighting spirit, team spirit, solidarity, collective effort, which are essential notions within the team, are also conveyed on a daily basis within our companies," explains Thierry Vittu.

"For our group, the team has a major impact on the general public in terms of brand awareness, image and communication. The group is implement in nine European countries where the cycling team also contributes to gaining visibility and thus to taking part in their development.

This approach, which is as rich in human terms as it is virtuous for all of the company's employees, is destined to continue over time. "The notion of loyalty is particularly important within Cofidis Group. "While the previous agreement ran until the end of the 2022 season, the President of Cofidis Compétition presented the group's Executive Committee with a proposal to extend the agreement. It was unanimously decided to continue the adventure until 2025.

"This will allow us to continue to progress and develop over the long term", says Thierry Vittu, who also obtained an increase in the budget of 1.5 million euros per year. With this 2025 horizon, a new phase of development will begin," says Cédric Vasseur, the general manager. It offers stability and allows us to start a new era where we will focus on being more ambitious. "



At the same time, Cofidis Group is continuing its commitment to the disabled team and is preparing, as announced last January, to form a women's team. "Our sports sponsorship reflects the group's image and is therefore committed to diversity and parity", explains the president of Cofidis Compétition.

This women's team, which will be officially launched on 1 January 2022 in the Continental (2nd division), is also intended to be a long-term project. "We are going to devote a substantial budget to it - around 1 million euros per year - in order to be ambitious and as competitive as possible," he continues.

Gaël Le Bellec, who has solid experience in women's cycling, has been commissioned by Cofidis Compétition to put together a team of around ten female riders. The objective is to make a place for ourselves and to be a force to be reckoned with in the biggest competitions on the calendar," says Cédric Vasseur. The resources mobilised and the commitment of Cofidis to cycling, through its longevity at the highest level, will be precious arguments for building a high-performance team.

The women's team will also benefit from the expertise of the men's section. Synergies will be encouraged as much as possible and a joint presence at the pre-season training camp - as is the case with the handi team - is notably envisaged.