Elia Viviani is fine !

Published on : 01/21/2021
The leader of the Cofidis training course underwent a series of cardiac tests at the beginning of the week. He will observe a two-week rest period before looking ahead to the new season.

Elia Viviani has lost none of her dynamism and her fierce will to shine this year. The sprinter has also shown his physical and psychological abilities during the training course organised by the Cofidis team in Benidorm, Spain. On his return to Italy, while he was training, Elia Viviani noticed a slight problem with his heart rate.

Two weeks of rest before getting back on the bike. 

In agreement with his personal doctor and the Cofidis medical unit, he then underwent a series of cardiac tests at the Ancona clinic, renowned for its expertise in the field. On Wednesday, he underwent interventional electrophysiology, which allows the diagnosis of possible arrhythmias," explains Michel Cerfontaine, the team's referring doctor. It was carried out successfully and without complications. »
Elia Viviani now has to observe two weeks of rest before being able to get back on the bike and project himself on the next season. The sprinter is determined to make the colours of Cofidis shine from February on the roads of the UAE Tour.



"After a training camp with the team, I went to Italy to train. Last Sunday I felt a problem with my heart rate. Together with my personal doctor we decided to have a complete check-up at the clinic in Ancona. After these tests I underwent a minor operation which was successful. I'm very happy to have identified the problem and to be able to move forward. From now on, we will have to observe these two weeks of rest before resuming training and looking forward to the new season. And my motivation is intact! »