Published on : 10/31/2020
By integrating the breakaway and taking the lead on two of the four difficulties of the day, Guillaume Martin confirmed his right for polka-dot jersey as best climber. This first mission accomplished on the eve of a particularly demanding stage that will end at the top of the Alto de l'Angliru.

For the 5th day in a row this Saturday afternoon, Guillaume Martin has been wearing the polka-dot jersey of the best climber. But he knew better than anyone else that he had to work hard this Saturday to keep it. "I will do everything I can to attack again", ensured the leader of the Cofidis team at the start of the race. As long as I have energy, I will keep trying". And it seems that he had it from the beginning of the stage.

Mission accomplished
At the end of the climb of the Alto de la Colladona, he joins a group of eight riders. And it is him who gains 10 precious points on the summit of the Alto de la Cobertaria. A few kilometres later, at the Puerta de San Lorenzo, Guillaume takes the lead again. This is enough to take a big gap on his rivals in the best climber classification.
After that, the leader of the Cofidis team stayed in the breakaway for a long time before being left behind with 4 km to go. But the mission of the day was thus successful: Guillaume managed to consolidate his polka-dot jersey as best climber. This is also his 5th stages finished in the 'top 10' of this Vuelta.

Tomorrow, hillsides at 23.5%.
Tomorrow, the stage will be short, of course, but just as tough. On the program: 109,4 km of which 12,4 km of one of the roughest climbs of the race, the Alto de l'Angliru. There, it will be necessary to call upon one' s resistance capacities as well as ability to surpass oneself and to hold on.
The climb that awaits the riders is 23,5% and even those who will take it by car are a little bit anxious. After the climax of the Vuelta tomorrow evening, everybody will be able to take a break and finally enjoy a well-deserved second day of rest.



"It remains a very good day where I had the opportunity to score points for the best climber. It is clear that I could have scored more. After that, I certainly left a lot of power in this battle, which prevented me from fighting for the stage victory. But what is important to remember is the regularity that I have shown since the beginning of this Vuelta where I try to be always at the front. And I am going to do everything I can to continue like this.”