Published on : 17/10/2020


After a successful time trial on Saturday, 4 climbs are on the program of the 185 km to be covered tomorrow, including the final finish in Piancavallo. The climbers Jesper Hansen and Nicolas Edet, who are very much in the spotlight this week, will do their utmost to be at the front of the race.

Fifteen days after the first time trial in the streets of Palermo, the riders once again took part in the time trial exercise on Saturday. On the program: 34.1 km to be covered in the heart of the Prosecco Superiore, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
"For us, it's a day of transition because we don't have any great timekeeping specialists," explained one of the sports directors, Sébastien Chavanel, in the morning. Nevertheless, we have to work hard and make sure we get back on time. The runners of the northern team put a lot of effort into it at the beginning and middle of the afternoon.

"Keeping the same attitude" (Chavanel)

From now on, everyone is looking forward to tomorrow's stage, one of the most spectacular of this Giro, between Rivolto and Piancavallo. Indeed, it will take some resourcefulness to cover the 185 km made up of three 2nd category passes and as many descents with several very technical passages. And in the final, 14.5 km of ascent await the riders with percentages exceeding 14% before reaching the summit in Piancavallo.
While the favourites will be keen to make their point, the two climbers on the Cofidis team, Nicolas Edet and Jesper Hansen, will also have a great card to play.  Sébastien Chavanel confirms: "We'll do everything we can to keep the same attitude we've shown since the beginning of the week by trying to integrate the breakaway. The idea is to perform well and give ourselves the means to fight for a stage victory".

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