Published on : 26/03/2020


Like many citizens, the Cofidis cyclists respect the confinement rules laid down by their respective governments. But they all continue to train in order to stay fit and be ready as soon as the competitions restart.

"My thought to those who fight"

"After Paris-Nice, I took a break for a week to try and get well. Now in confinement in Italy, I've set up a program to stay in shape physically. I do exercises in the morning, especially home trainer and gymnastics sessions in the afternoon. Thanks to our partner Elite, I have transformed my garage into a gym! Of course, it is hard for a sportsman to train without knowing his future deadlines. But the essential is elsewhere and my thoughts go to all those, in Italy, Europe and all over the world, who are fighting against the spread of the virus."




 "Lucky to be confined in Normandy" 

"We sided with my coach to make a long break after Paris-Nice. I'm lucky enough to be at my parents' house in Normandy where there are about ten hectares. I consider myself lucky to be confined to a place with such garden and space ! I try to maintain myself physically by doing activities that I do mostly in winter: doing maintenance work, taking care of the animals, running just 1km outside my home. Obviously, the lack of visibility is difficult to manage for a sportsman but you have to learn to adapt. It's urgent to wait!"





Christophe LAPORTE
 "Let's not forget why we're confined" 

"Inevitably, the situation is a little frustrating. When I removed my splint following my injury in February, I was only able to do two trainings outside before confinement. In the end, I did home trainer for 7 weeks already! It's hard to find the motivation without knowing our next deadlines. In the winter, we know that we cut to resume in February, but that's not the case. I always exercise but I also try to take it easy in order to come back to competition with maximum motivation. Everyday life is going well, I'm with my family. But let's not forget why we are confined. The most important thing is to respect the decisions of the health authorities in order to fight the spread of the virus as best we can."

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