Published on : 06/03/2020


Cofidis is lining up a "dream team" at Paris-Nice: in addition to Guillaume Martin, the team will be able to count on the experience and talent of the current European champion, Elia Viviani. The whole team will meet again tomorrow in the Yvelines in order to approach this first big event of the season with a lot of ambitions.

Faced with the exceptional situation, Cofidis has decided to reshape the roster which will participate in Paris-Nice. The northern formation will now rely on two leaders: Elia Viviani and Guillaume Martin. The Italian sprinter, whose last race was the Tour of the Algarve (with a 2nd place in the 1st stage), will be aiming for a stage victory in the sprint finishes. To do so, he will be able to count on Belgians Piet Allegaert and Julien Vermote and French riders Damien Touzé and Cyril Lemoine to enable him to approach the sprint in the best possible way.

Guillaume Martin is also aiming for the top

Furthermore, as announced last Wednesday, Guillaume Martin is also approaching this week's race with a lot of ambition. The 2nd Frenchman in the UCI rankings, who was very much in the limelight last weekend - 4th in the Faune-Ardèche Classic and 3rd in the Royal Bernard Drome Classic - will try to do well in the mountain stages and will be aiming for a place in the overall rankings. He will be able to count on the support and good form of Nicolas Edet and Anthony Perez, but also on Julien Vermote and the train of sprinters to help him in wind stages and possible echelons.

Increased vigilance in the face of the virus

By fielding such an ambitious and dynamic team, Cofidis would like to reiterate its enthusiasm for taking part in Paris-Nice, the first major event of the season. The team has total confidence in the decisions and measures taken by ASO, the race organiser, and the French health authorities. In addition, Cofidis' medical staff has put in place a series of protocols to safeguard the health of its runners and staff. The team also relies on a note issued by the French Ministry of Sports and the National Cycling League in order to "participate in education about the risks of spreading the coronavirus".




Elia VIVIANI: "Of course, I would have liked to follow the schedule we had set previously. But we are facing a global health problem and it is only natural that we should adapt. I am very motivated by the prospect of racing Paris-Nice. We have a complete team that can excel both in the mountains and in the sprints. I will try to give everything I have to shine and make the team proud. »
Guillaume MARTIN: "I approach this Paris-Nice with confidence and ambition. Last weekend confirmed my condition after a fortnight's training at altitude at Etna (Italy). Whether in the Ardèche or following the races from a distance, I find that Cofidis imposes a great collective strength. During the Drome Classic, we knew how to take the race in hand and be very present. That's necessarily motivating before Paris-Nice. There will certainly be openings to shine and we'll do everything we can to be well placed, especially during the last two stages. »
Cédric VASSEUR, General Manager: "We are very happy to participate in Paris-Nice. We have complete confidence in the organisers and the French health authorities to ensure that the health of our cyclists and staff is protected and to take the necessary measures if necessary. We are of course working internally in order to carefully monitor the evolution of the situation. We have also modified the team lined up at Paris-Nice accordingly. This is the fittest, most dynamic team and it will be keen to shine throughout the week. »