Published on : 04/03/2020

The team in quarantine until 14th of March

After several days of uncertainty, the team is finally set on a release date. It will be March 14th after a quarantine period of 14 days. Thierry Vittu, our president speaks about this situation and this decision.

Good morning everyone,
We have just learned that we are officially quarantined, until March 14 for now. Of course, the deadline is far away (although it is only 10 days) but in a way, it's a kind of relief. Indeed, as I have had the opportunity to say and write, what was difficult to live with so far was the absence of a deadline and the permanent wait for a close outcome that never came ... It was a source of anxiety and stress .
Now we know where we stand, and even if the confinement in the room continues, everyone will manage to find occupations, distractions, activities...
We are going to stay in solidarity with each other, conscious that we are living a collective adventure, that we would have liked not to live, but which will teach us about ourselves and others. We already tell ourselves that in a few months, we will be laughing about it among ourselves...proof that we are already projecting !
Let's remain optimistic and positive and I thank you for all your messages of support that warm our hearts